This is my entry for the Optical Game Jam #3 and also my first game ever made for jam! 

Theme of the jam was this image:

however originally it was flipped 180 degrees. Thought it may be interesting to change the perspective so here it is.

It's simple and stupid, but enjoyable :) 

Have fun and see you next time !

PS: I'm aware of the flying NPC's issue, but it looked so funny and cool I decided to keep it that way :D Do not judge :D !

Made withUnity


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It's an interesting concept, interpreting the image as a cloud.
Good job on the realization as well :)

This would be awesome as a mobile game!

Great job, had fun playing it!


And I love it. Its funny and i liked the concept.
On the other hand, i think it will be better if you include some sounds.

Nice work! It took awhile loading on my computer but totally worth it. Fast paced, cute, and easy to control. Great work